Colours That Will Rule Wedding In 2021 By Best Wedding Consultant In Surat

Date: March 06, 2021 | Category: Weddings

Yes, we’re finally ready to say hello to 2021 and goodbye to 2020!

We can surely expect a few new trends to emerge in the wedding industry, with 2021 just around the bend. Which means that it’s time to getting ready and start cracking to keep our grooms and bride-to-be updated. There is no wedding trend that tops them all from makeup trends and outfit trends to decor elements. And here is the list of trending wedding colours for 2021! For every wedding theme colours are essential. After all, they’re the very thing that defines a wedding’s vibe and theme. So, it only makes sense to talk without fail about the wedding colours that’ll rule 2021 with best wedding consultant in Surat. 

So, let’s dive in without further delay.

Below are some trending wedding colours for 2021:

Illuminating Yellow: 

Also known as PANTONE 13-0647 illuminating. Illuminating is a bright sunshine yellow as one of the two pantone colours of the year 2021, which a bride can rock on various pre- wedding functions. A bright sunny yellow is a colour that can outshine every other choice of colour, whether it’s a mehendi or a haldi ceremony. You can easily use this colour to light up any event like bridal outfit, for decor and even bridal accessories.

Ultimate Grey:

The colours are not given enough credit for their beauty is Grey and silver. In fact, the Pantone Shade of the year next to Illuminating is Ultimate grey aka PANTONE 17-5104. Now grey is a trendy party colour and there is no doubt about it. But it’s also work for brides and grooms all over as it is a great traditional colour. For a high class wedding celebration it’s an in vogue royal shades that makes!

Blush Pink:

For a few years now, Pastels have been all the rage at wedding and it’s safe to say in 2021 pastel colours are here to stay. Blush pink is of course our favorite out of the bunch. 2021 will be no stranger to this colour as well as we are no strangers to this gorgeous colour. Expect weddings with everywhere specks of blush pink colour and why not? This colour compliments every skin tone, can be rocked with every decor and its pretty colour after all. To love this colour we have a few more million reasons for sure!  

Powder Blue: 

Powder blue is making comeback from the 2018-2019 wedding season! Pastel blue or powder blue however you like it, a colour so very elegant yet so simple. Pastel blue can make every wedding a season from the age old fairy tales that we love with it’s chic yet magical vibes. Its pastel hues are breezy, summery and here to stay! So, make this shades a part of your wedding mood board! So don’t forget when you plan your wedding with best wedding consultant in Surat.

Lavender & Lilac:

Lavender and lilac are two hues that have been in trend off-late, as gouache shades of purple. Not only we have seen brides embrace it for their attire but also this colour has emerged as wedding decor recently. Lavender and lilac are surprisingly going to be all the rage in 2021, Symbolizing purity and love, over more traditional colours brides choosing them. And we’re game!


Gold is a legendary colour that’s a classic for weddings, be it champagne or foils gold. Since the beginning of time gold has been a part of wedding aesthetics. Gold has come back into the wedding aesthetics after taking the backseat for a while. We are glad to let you all know that in 2021 of all the trending wedding colours gold will be a major part of all. Gold is a gorgeous colour that can be rocked in both modern silhouettes and traditional, be it decor or a bride’s or groom’s outfit. 


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